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In B2B

By Mitch Devine

waterTALENT: Filling the Gap

On 08, Dec 2011 | In B2B, Utilities | By Mitch Devine

Many of us take for granted the fact that whenever we turn on a faucet, water will come out. It’s easy to forget that it’s someone’s job to keep the water flowing.

These people are called water operators.

Unfortunately, there are not enough new operators being trained for the number of positions that need to be filled.

The good news? Many retired water and wastewater operators still like to share their knowledge and can’t keep still for very long.

That’s why waterTALENT was created: to fill the operator-talent gap in the event of emergency situations or staff transitions at water plants and wastewater facilities across the country.

Take a look at the website copy, ads, and articles I wrote to help develop their brand, blog site and social awareness campaign.

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In Food

By Mitch Devine

Dave’s Dogs & Cookoo’s Chicken: Dig In

On 08, Dec 2011 | In Food | By Mitch Devine

Dave’s All American Hot Dogs and Cookoo’s Chicken & Such?

Never heard of ’em out here in Cali. But, yes, please!

This was a satisfying little one-off project. Sadly, I never got to visit either Dave’s or Cookoo’s. I can’t even recall where the convenience store was located that served these fine delicacies. But my art director partner and I sure did have fun coming up with headlines for the store translight signage.

Maybe a little too much fun.

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