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LA County Fair: Meet the FairdevilLA County Fair: Meet the FairdevilLA County Fair: Meet the FairdevilLA County Fair: Meet the FairdevilLA County Fair: Meet the FairdevilLA County Fair: Meet the Fairdevil

LA County Fair: Meet the Fairdevil

Meet the Fairdevil, the L.A. County Fair’s Ambassador of Amazing for its 2016 season! Check out the press release written (below) on behalf of Amusement Park, Inc. to fill in the backstory.

Then when you’ve finished checking out the Fairdevil’s vital stats, take a look at the LACF Food Spectacular press release, plus coverage from the Food Network show, Carnival Eats.


Fairdevil Fun Facts

Everything you need to know about the first LA County Fair “Ambassador of Amazing”

POMONA, Calif. — Fun-seekers at the LA County Fair all know his work, even if they’ve never met (or heard of) the man himself. This year, for the first time ever, Fairgoers can meet the Fairdevil, the LA County Fair’s new Ambassador of Amazing, and the official behind-the-scenes fabricator of all things Fair.


Lifetime Achievement Award winner from the American Bacon Board.

Fair-tastic Fairdevil Factoids

The Fairdevil is responsible for making sure that everything at the LA County Fair is up to snuff: from ensuring the BBQ sauce on the Giant Turkey Legs has a sufficient amount of Scoville heat-scale spiciness, to inspecting the track for the Pig Races, to timing the speed of the Gravitron, the Fair’s fastest ride.

A proud member of the extended LA County Fair family, the Fairdevil’s given name is Darnel Pinson.

He had seven replicas of his famous jumpsuit made so he can stay focused on the business of the Fair.

Rumor has it that Elon Musk has the Fairdevil on speed dial, just in case.

During the offseason, he travels the world meeting with physicists, inventor, chefs and farmers to keep the LA County Fair amazing.


Vital Stats

Birthplace – The LA County Fair, of course. He was born on the MACH 3, and we hear that centrifugal force was a big part of the event.

Age – Old enough to know better. Young enough to not let that stand in the way.

Place of Residence – Fairplex in Pomona. Home is where the adrenal gland is.


Claims to Fame

He’s ridden every ride more than 10,000 times to make sure they meet his high standards (yes, even the kiddie ones).

Discovered Acceleheavsis. (The sensation experienced while being buckled into the Wave Rave).

He has mastered the Fair Midway games to be able to knock over three metal milk bottles with a softball at 50 paces, blindfolded.

His g-force tolerance is off the charts. As is his grease tolerance.

The idea of growing giant vegetables for display was the result of a happy accident in his lab.

In the early years, he opened the LA County Fair to astronauts for training.

Speaks four dialects of goat.

May or may not be to blame for the “You must be this tall to ride this ride” rule (sorry, kids).

Currently developing technology that would combine two of the Fair’s favorite elements: food and rides. A deep-fried Ferris wheel by 2020 is the ultimate goal (fingers crossed). The idea came to him while eating a donut.


Awards and Honors

Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Bacon Board.

Five-time LA County Fair Hog-Calling Champion (forced to retire from competition after an unfortunate and unrelated vocal cord injury).


Hobbies & Pastimes

  • Tinkering with the laws of physics
  • Taking deep fried ever deeper
  • Breaking gravity-endurance records
  • Cotton candy sculptures


Favorite LACF Foods

It’s all good. But anything that’s been deep-fried or baconed holds a special place in his heart.

Fairdevil’s Fave Sayings and Witticisms

“Dare to Fair!”

“If you’re not at the Fair, you’re nowhere!”

“LA County’s got the bounty, baby!”


Campaign theme, character and launch :30 TV spot created by Amusement Park, Inc.

About the LA County Fair – Sept. 2-25, 2016, at Fairplex in Pomona

The 94th anniversary of America’s largest county fair in fun and acreage includes all-new Jurassic Planet, featuring 35 animatronic dinosaurs; a reimagined “Our Bodies” exhibit; the ultimate hand-on sports experience; a summer ice-skating, snow-sledding village; walk-through floral paintings; the 16-night End of Summer Concert Series; and a carnival midway, farm and exotic animals (including a giraffe!), exclusive food, shopping and entertainment. Closed Mondays (except Labor Day) and Tuesdays.

# # #

Getting photo-bombed at the LA County Fair with my good friend Fairdevil.


Fairdevil meets the press at the crack of dawn.

Carnival Eats host Noah Cappe emulates the Fairdevil’s technique for dipping deep-fried hot sauce.

KROQ’s Kevin Ryder dares to Fair by inhaling a deep-fried, chocolate and bacon-covered s’more, prepared by Chicken Charlie’s.