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About Mitch

Don’t touch that dial…

If you like ads, you’re in the right place.

I don’t have a movie script in development, nor a Great American Novel in the works, but I can show you some effective and even entertaining advertising/marketing/public relations copywriting samples that span a variety of business categories and media formats. 

While I specialize in copywriting and editing, I’m a generalist when it comes to subject matter. I may have more experience in certain categories than others, but I always love to learn about new products and services and help to bring a fresh, consumer-focused perspective.

What’s the purpose of your business?

My purpose is to help brands say what they mean, as clearly and memorably as possible. I help companies of all types connect more closely with customers and motivate them to act.

Over the past couple decades, I’ve written about everything from flash memory to real estate; subprime lending to Subway sandwiches; coffee beans to kiwi fruit; Medicare, software, electric guitars, electric cars, and plenty in between.

I’ve even written a press release for a guy who jumped out of a plane from 25,000 feet on live TV without a parachute or wing suit. (Spoiler alert: Luke Aikins landed safely and made it into the Guinness Book of World Records.) The release ultimately generated more than one billion impressions for the event. Check out Stride Gum Presents Heaven Sent for the full story.

Drop me a line when you’re ready to tell your audience some new stories.

Thanks for reading!