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Devine Lines: The Copywriting Collection (Greatest Hits, Vol. IV)

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Don’t Be Extreme, Do

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Ka-Chow! Big Fun with Little Cars Toys

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Taylor Woodrow Homes: Move Up

Intershop: B2B Ecommerce Road Trip – Zzzz Across America

American Racing Wheels: This Land Is Your Land, Drive Like It

UNIGLOBE Travel: Wish You Worked Here?

Charo Chicken: Hot to Trot

Overnite Express: Switch Your Overnight

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Yessiree, unless you’re a born salesman like Cal Worthington, it can be a little uncomfortable selling yourself. Humility is a virtue, right? Nevertheless, this website has my name on it, so you’ll pardon me while I do a little self-promotion. 

Usually I help promote others. As a marketing/advertising copywriter, I help businesses engage with consumers and persuade them to act. Sometimes, that action can even entail getting consumers to do their own marketing to each other.

Looking for something specialized? Say the word. 

I may have worked on projects in your category, or something similar. I’ve written for ad agencies, public relations firms, graphic designers, and in-house for clients over the past two decades or so. (But who’s counting?)

Just browsing? Take your time. We’re not on deadline here, just yet.

In the meantime, there are lots more projects to peruse and samples to see in the blog section.

Click the videos, play the radio spots, kick the tires, read the body copy. (You’ve already made it this far, prove the conventional wisdom wrong!)

Let’s talk whenever you’re ready to (re)focus your brand and sharpen your message.

Happy reading!