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Zzzz. Hello? Wake up, Abe!

This is supposed to be a copywriter’s portfolio, innit? So what’s the point of having a copywriter credit on this stuff? There are no words at all on these pictures!

I’m glad I could read your mind so I could help solve the mystery of the missing copy.

As it turns out, art directors sometimes have headline ideas, and copywriters even have visual concepts on occasion. This was one of those occasions. (Not that it wasn’t a team effort and all.)

As part of a cross-country tour promoting Carpenter Company’s bedding products and sleep technology, I  also came up with the name for the tour: Zzzz Across America.

Catchy, huh?

Hey, pay attention!




How much do we care for our customers? We’d count the ways, but this tag doesn’t leave much room.

Let’s just say we put hundreds of hours of research into every product to make those eight or so hours of sleep each night be the best they can be.

FOR BEST RESULTS – We built our own scientific sleep research lab. Our Reinhardt Technical Center is devoted to improving the quality of life through more restorative sleep—which means every Carpenter product is carefully designed to help customers sleep better.

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