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In Music

By Mitch Devine

Best Buy: Ready to Rock the IE

On 28, Nov 2018 | In Music | By Mitch Devine

When big-box electronics retailer Best Buy wanted to test-market a new musical instrument store concept, starting with three locations in Southern California’s Inland Empire, it put out a request for proposal to local agencies.

It looked like a plum assignment for the unsung stars and music-trivia buffs at J-U. But first, we had to beat out other agency competitors to get the gig.

Not only did we get the nod, we got a rousing cheer.

J-U won an Addy award for our self-promotional RFP concept, dubbed the “SoCal AdverTour,” designed as an homage to vintage concert posters.

If you’ve got the dream, we’ve got the gear.

Introducing the Music Store at Best Buy.

And we mean a whole store. Not just more instruments on an aisle. 

Our music store is loaded with a full line of name-brand guitars, drums, keyboards, DJ gear and more. All at Best Buy prices. With friendly service from no-pressure, in-the-know staff.

So come on in. And get ready to rock.  

It’s a long way to the stop. Start here. 

Presenting Music Gear at Best Buy. 

The path begins at three new musical instrument stores. Come check out the best names in the music business, all at Best Buy prices. Guitars, basses, keyboards, drums, DJ gear, sounds systems and accessories.

Stop in and play a while. How far you take it is up to you. 

Strum, pick, pound, beat. Repeat until famous.

Presenting Music Gear at Best Buy. 

It may be a long way to the top, but you don’t have to look far to find great deals on music gear.

Check out our three new musical instrument stores featuring top-name guitars, keyboards, drums, DJ gear and more. All at Best Buy prices. Staffed by people who know their stuff and are there to help, not pressure you.

Stop in and play awhile. Who knows, you might even get discovered.

Everything you need to rock, jam, groove, scratch, mix, mash-up, or otherwise shred.

Introducing Best Buy Music Gear.

All the world’s a stage, or at least a large portion of the store in our Riverside, San Bernardino, and Murrieta locations.

Check out Best Buy Music Gear. It’s a whole new store within a store, where you’ll find all the top brands and accessories. Guitars, basses, keyboards, drums, DJ gear, sound equipment and more. All at Best Buy prices. Staffed by people who know their stuff, without being pushy about it.

Stop in and make some noise in one of our demo rooms. Our neighbors are cool with it.

# # #

The rest of the store was just the opening act.

Introducing Best Buy Music Gear

Everything you need is here at our Riverside, San Bernardino and Murrieta locations. It’s like a store within a store. All the best brands of guitars, basses, keyboards,drums, amps, DJ gear and accessories.


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