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In Diet

By Mitch Devine

Jenny Craig: What Do You Have to Lose?

On 29, Nov 2018 | In Diet, Food | By Mitch Devine

Can’t say that I’ve ever been on a diet, but I have written the diet blog and this oversized (ahem) postcard to help persuade wayward Jenny Craig customers to return to the program.

Here’s the, er… backside of the mailer, below. Unlike a mullet, it’s mostly business in the back. (The front side, above, has all the fun.)

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In Food
Public Relations

By dotzoe

LA County Fair: Taking Deep-Fried Deeper

On 02, Nov 2018 | In Food, Public Relations | By dotzoe

Dare to Fair

Charles “Chicken Charlie” Boghosian can fry practically anything and make it taste amazing.

His idea to deep-fry Oreos was a stroke of culinary genius that made him a household name around the fairway world.

I was privileged to be among the first to try some of Chicken Charlie’s world-premier food creations at the L.A. County Fair.

But before I could try them, I first had to write about them (on behalf of agency Amusement Park, Inc.).

Check out the press release I wrote (below) listing all the exotic foods you can find only at the LA County Fair.

We also pitched the Food Network/Cooking Channel show, Carnival Eats, and persuaded host Noah Cappe and crew to travel from Canada and sample Fair food for four days (featured in two episodes) at the fairgrounds in Pomona. (You can watch both Carnival Eats shows featuring LA County Fair at the end of the post.)

Kevin Ryder of KROQ prepares to try a deep-fried, bacon-covered s’more prepared by Chicken Gerald for the LA County Fair.


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In Food

By Mitch Devine

Dave’s Dogs & Cookoo’s Chicken: Dig In

On 08, Dec 2011 | In Food | By Mitch Devine

Dave’s All American Hot Dogs and Cookoo’s Chicken & Such?

Never heard of ’em out here in Cali. But, yes, please!

This was a satisfying little one-off project. Sadly, I never got to visit either Dave’s or Cookoo’s. I can’t even recall where the convenience store was located that served these fine delicacies. But my art director partner and I sure did have fun coming up with headlines for the store translight signage.

Maybe a little too much fun.

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