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By Mitch Devine

Intershop: Ecommerce in the USA

On 09, Dec 2011 | In B2B, Technology | By Mitch Devine

Intershop is a German ecommerce company that didn’t quite crack the U.S. a few years back and didn’t want to come off looking like a newcomer to the American market.

Working with agency Schraff, we developed a campaign strategy to relaunch the brand by offering valuable information while reminding prospects of Intershop’s proven business advantages, all within a distinctive theme.

The campaign showed Intershop as being familiar with the U.S. business landscape and market. It also didn’t hurt to work in patriotic allusions, icons of commerce, and beautiful postcard scenery for B2B prospects and tech-blog readers to gaze at and click on.


Relaunching a European Ecommerce Brand in the U.S.A — with a Road Trip


What better way to reintroduce a German brand in America than to remind the U.S. of its founding principles?

Talk about independence and freedom. Also road trips and surfing.

Media included a progressive series of banner ads on technology sites (e.g. CNET) along with a targeted B2B email campaign.

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