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In-N-Out: What a Hamburger’s All About

If you grew up in Southern California (like I did), the mere mention of the name is enough to trigger the jingle in your head.

“In-N-Out… In-N-Out…”

Too late!

As the original drive-through burger stand and a Southern California institution since 1948, it doesn’t take much to remind people how much they love their In-N-Out Burger. Read more…

Don’t Be Extreme, Do

Don’t wash dishes while you bath.

Do get a weather-sensing smart controller for your sprinklers.

You don’t have to go to extremes to save water. In fact, it’s easy.

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UniCare: Songs About InsuranceUniCare: Songs About InsuranceUniCare: Songs About Insurance

UniCare: Songs About Insurance

:60 Radio – “Uninsured Blues”

Product: Individual Uninsured Coverage

Recorded at Lyon Studios

[Acoustic guitar, 12-bar blues]

BLUESMAN:       [Singing]

Woke up this mornin’, stubbed my toe on the bed.

Then I slipped in the shower, got a lump on my head.

Had an aspirin for breakfast, gettin’ hurt ain’t no fun.

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Omnitrans Bus: Cheap and Proud of It

Omnitrans wanted to assure San Bernardino Valley residents that their local public transit system (the bus) was safe, reliable and affordable. Especially compared to the price of a car and gas.That’s about all they needed to say. Short and sweet, with a smile. 

Media outlets included radio, local cable, Free-Standing Inserts (FSIs), billboards, bus boards, transit shelters, route books and bus interior cards. Read more…

On 05, Nov 2018 | In | By Mitch Devine

Mattel: The Dark Knight and His Toys

Batman Begins: the future ad writer as a young crime-fighter, with his hayseed sidekick who refused to play Robin for some reason.

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Charo Chicken: Hot to Trot

No secret ingredients here. Just better-tasting ones.

Starting with the freshest, juiciest, fire-grilled, California-grown chicken.

Whether plain, with lemon, or topped with our world-famous lemon-garlic butter sauce, it doesn’t get much better than this.
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